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Maleny Cuisine is a gourmet condiment manufacturing business on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia, owned and run by William and Marina Nicholl.

The first Maleny Cuisine recipes were developed back in 1988 when an opening in the market was discovered for gourmet condiments that were gluten free yet still delicious and affordable. Each of the recipes were created based on ripe seasonal fruit and vegetables and calls for minimum processing to ensure maximum freshness. As a result, each product in the Maleny Cuisine range makes a statement about being a pure gourmet condiment, rich in flavour and appeal.

Now, nearly 30 years later, as a family operated business we remain true to the original vision for the range by continuing to produce gourmet quality condiments that are made from the freshest, locally sourced produce. We pride ourselves in producing these great tasting condiments to enhance the flavours of your everyday dishes or add something special to your entertaining experiences.


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