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Whether you like it sweet or hot, our jams and marmalades are all gluten free and low in sodium. They are all shelf stable with a shelf life of approximately 18months and are handy to have as a pantry staple for entertaining. Once opened they do need to be refrigerated

  • Chilli Jam

    Chilli Jam

    This is a delicious fiery jam with a difference; it’s certainly not something to serve on toast! It combines chilli, with chilli and, you guessed it, some more chilli together with a touch of garlic, sugar and a blend of herbs and spices. Maleny Cuisine’s Chilli Jam is extremely versatile, great with stir fries, seafood, hot or cold meats, vegetables, a soft creamy cheese or on its own by the spoonful. Not to be served for breakfast but has been tried on ice cream for dessert!

    Ingredients: Sugar, Chilli Puree (Acetic Acid), Pectin, Vinegar, Mustard Seeds, Garlic (Citric Acid) and a blend of herbs and spices


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